Project Description 

O.R. Tambo

Branding Material:
Printed Self Adhesive Vinyl

Work Duration:
25 Hours (5 Night Shifts)

 Project Overview.

          How We Made Our Client Happy.


From site audit to final installation SBB executed over 1500m2 self adhesive vinyl onto bulkheads and travellators combining in a 400,000mm long media showcase covering international departure gates is unmistakably very impactful.

Limited access of 5 hours each night with scaffolding & set up, comprised of 32 curved bulkheads and 50,000mm long travellator x 18 sides, SBB subdivided in 2 scaffolding and single travellator teams to achieve the volume with an accurate hi rate of installation, the outstanding results were in the consistency of the application over 5 nights.

 Skill Sets Utilized.

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