Project Description 

Maputu – Mozambique

Branding Material:
Printed Wallpaper
Sandblast Self Adhesive Vinyl
Directional Signage
LED Signage
Wall Mounted Offsets
Suspended Ceiling
Wall Mounted Illuminated Signage

Work Duration:
2 Months

 Project Overview.

          How We Made Our Client Happy.

Radisson Hotel & Residence

Set on the shores of Maputo Beach the Indian ocean has never seen something quite as breath-taking in architecture, design, size & scope in Mozambique.

Over 20 floors of the hotel tower, installation of over 4000-line items was carried out, spanning over 400, 5 star hotel rooms, restaurants, bars, entertainment & eventing areas, residing adjacent to the Radisson apartment towers, a further 19 floors in bespoke studio apartments.

With a kit of parts crossing every floor, door & ceiling, SBB completed a 2 month long project installing, door numbers, illuminated door plaques, safety signage, sandblast self adhesive vinyl, wallpaper & directional signage.

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