Project Description 

Containers – Various Locations
Retail Store – Paledi Mall

Branding Material:
Painting & Repairs
Point of Sale
Steel & Aluminum Frames
Printed PVC
Printed Self Adhesive Vinyl
Wet Works
Dry Works

Work Duration:
Retail Store – 12 Hours
Containers – 1 Month

 Project Overview.

          How We Made Our Client Happy.

 Vodacom & Zet Net Containers & Zet Net Retail Store

Working with discarded & well worn out containers as a starting point, external repairs & repainting, to internal branding elements were completed, culminating in to brand new mobile retail outlets & distribution centres, placed in the communities. It is always humbling to see the finished product trading & operating less than a month later.

Revamping from a Vodacom to Zet Net retail store took carful pre planning, as it was all to be completed in one night. Change over of branding elements, internal layout of drywalling & tiles, to POS positioning. Starting at 5pm a team of 14 men entered, & exited at 7am with a completely new looking Zet Net Retail store in Paledi mall.

 Skill Sets Utilized.

          We’re Skilled.