Service Overview.

          Always Striving for Excellence

As much as we encourage the usage of local suppliers in regions due to cost and accessibility there still remains the need for accurate national consistency. At this point is where SBB provides a National Roll-out The Advantages for you the client would be accuracy, precision & accountability across multiple sites nationally, auditable outcome and consistency of the campaign or brand

 By the Numbers.

          Examples of Roll-Outs completed

  •  • 372 –   Vodacom Regional Stores.
  •  • 127 –    Nedbank Regional Branches.
  •  • 1638 – ABSA Regional Branches in a single roll-out •
  • • 476 –    First National Bank Regional Branches.
  •  • 147 –   John Craig Regional Stores.

 Why Choose Us.

6 Dedicated Vehicles and teams to reach remote areas of South Africa with accountable accuracy and communication.

Our promise is  having insured vehicles and goods which provided the platform for the “what if”, we have in the past been on the receiving end of double punchers, in the Karoo, to clutch failure in Botswana, accessing insurance for towing, rentals and repairs proved to be the critical to get back on the road within no time.

We offer a full turnkey solution from site audit, material & finish specification to installation capabilities which are tested week in & out to every corner of Southern Africa. Backed up with digital reporting modules all the way through & past installation

 Reporting & Cost Control.

          Reporting to Minimize Unnecessary Costs

We map all traveling routs daily, remotely from our branch & building networks on live digital platforms supplying us with accurate costs of daily travel, allowing us to address all areas of the project before the first kilometere is traveled.