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Hand in hand with staff training, is the pursuit to not only comply to the department of labour, but to over exceed these benchmarks. With the internship program, we have been able cover many bases of our industry which has been neglected, be that on erection & sign off of scaffolding or operating plant or ladders without the correct licences, certificates & training recognized by the major construction, manufacturing & corporate property owners within IWH, Services Seta, CETA, SGS Systems & SANBS approved courses & grading.

The SBB leadership program is geared to this long term investment in insuring staff have the daily, theory, legal authority & practical skills to be able to preform tasks on hand without the human or legal risk to all industry partners. This has enabled SBB to ensure the structures of method statements, site audits & the methodology of the job at hand at the site required with the correct procedural understanding for the execution, within the guidelines. We have an open policy that we repeat daily to staff & clientele “IF THE SITE IS NOT SAFE WE DON’T WORK, FULL STOP”

We trust as an industry we would all strive for a zero tolerance approach to the safety procedures we implement today for the future development of industry professionals.

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Who is SBB.

          Professional, Dedicated & Experienced.

Professional, experienced & dedicated converters in graphic, media & hardware installations & applications. With over 20 years individual experience, from print production, manufacturing, installations, rigging & sales, our management & staff understand the pitfalls from A – Z, whether it be system, surface, media type, positioning, printing or manufacturing, we have encountered almost all eventualities, therefor we are Specialised Brand Builders.

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It has been our vision & mission since 2011 to be able to work in what we perceive to be the most pinnacle destinations, both in volume & certifications with in the industry. Staying abreast with international benchmarks in safety as well as branding technology, we are able to provide expert advise in materials, methods & executions.

 Health & Safety File.

           Qualified, Certified & Accredited.

Qualification is not only the key to operate on site, but the key ingredient to witness staff’s growth both personally & collectively as a team. 196 pages later & our safety file reads directly to all health and safety officers. 2016 was a watershed year having our safety file & staff training audited to put it to the test against SA labour law by the IWH. SBB received approval on both training & procedures from IWH, further more our scaffolding, ladders & access gear where all certified to SABS and IWH standards to be ready & safe to operate.

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