Project Description 

OR Tambo International Airport

Branding Material:
Printed Self Adhesive Wall Vinyl

Work Duration:
27 Hours (3 Shifts of 9hrs)
7 Hours (1 Shift)



 Project Overview.

          How We Made Our Client Happy.


Requiring not only an accurate site audit for sizing & production but the multiple health & safety factors at hand with working over the main entrances of O.R. Tambo parking. With the approval of the safety plans, installation commenced with 3 single MEWPS teams working in 4 hour shifts with 3-man ground teams. Constant safety management was required for 24 – 7 airports traffic, to flow without interruption.

With over 800m2 of self adhesive vinyl, 3 days & 3 shifts, FAW got super-sized,  with media positioning at over 35m off the ground, this super structure of over 130m x 14m became a unmissable media location.

The internal activation of escalators and dry wall bulkheads totaling over 300m2 required a separate team for a single night activation, scaffolding and MWEPS were essential to complete this not only safely but within a 7 hour shift, resulting in consistent application perfection in every join and panel.

 Skill Sets Utilized.

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