Project Description 

Wanderers Cricket Stadium

Branding Material:
Printed Self Adhesive Vinyl
Traditional Printed Wallpaper
Spiritflex Extrusion
Banner Frame
Printed PVC
Perspex Wall Offsets
Printed Fabric
Aluminium Fabric Frames
Canvas Frames

Work Duration:
32 Hours (4 Days)

 Project Overview.

          How We Made Our Client Happy.

Castle Lager Wanderers Stadium

What an experience seeing this transformation in such an iconic sporting ground in the bull ring JHB.

SBB specified, designed and manufactured out door frames, outdoor painting, indoor wall papers and self adhesive vinyl to give Castle Lager a refreshed fitting to their brand reputation with unmissable brand presence whilst watching a live game.

Outdoor aluminium frames & steel frames combined with ceiling and bulkhead colour matched painting through to the internal experience of wallpaper, door and fridge branding to ironing canvas wall mounts & illuminated perspex combining in an all round fan experience and visual branding feast for the eyes.

 Skill Sets Utilized.

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