Project Description 


Branding Material:
Aluminium & Steel Angle/Flat Iron
Printed Self Adhesive Vinyl
Komatex & Foam Boards

Work Duration:
24 Hours (3 Days)

 Project Overview.

          How We Made Our Client Happy.

Hollard Insurance

When we first received the brief we knew we could deliver on a once off never been done before campaign.

The objective was to convert the existing bus shelters into units which looked like 3 dimensional rooms, our challenges came thick and fast from sizing, locations, ensuring the units would be tamper proof, as well as not to cause any damage to the original structure.

SBB’s master plan was not the ordinary approach of 90% off site and 10% on site installation, this required 100% on site manufacturing. The building & branding took place under immense pressure with client, media house and photography team wanting to capture the transformation as it happened live on site. We therefore had to choose the correct materials & installation method being able to customize per site as measurements and locations differed.

All together SBB delivered to all stakeholders expectations with units still in the market 10 months later withstanding the daily rigors of commuters and weather.

 Skill Sets Utilized.

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