Project Description 

Grayston Drive, M1

Branding Material:
Printed PVC
Pocket & Bar Frames

Work Duration:
8 Hours (1 Day)

 Project Overview.

          How We Made Our Client Happy.

House Of Montani

Set next to the hi-way of Sandton’s busiest offramp, Grayston drive, this enormous pocket and bar PVC wall mounted frames, comprising of three faces becomes unmissable from both M1 directions.

Stretching of the PVC had to be off scissor lifts & scaffolding, due to the structure of the walls & roofing, a clear safety plan was required to ensure the three faces were stretched into position within inch perfection.

A great team effort & clear understanding of the areas of work was required in order to flight over 510m2 within a single day shift.

 Skill Sets Utilized.

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