Project Description 


Branding Material:
Steel – Pocket & Bar System
Steel Pylon
Aluminum Fabric Frame
Printed Self Adhesive Vinyl
Printed PVC
Banner Frame
Brackets & Latches

Work Duration:
40 Hours (5 Days)

 Project Overview.

          How We Made Our Client Happy.

SA Taxi & Bakkie

From building mounted – floor mounted – pin mounted to hanging signage, SBB took the test from 100,000mm billboards to 7000mm pylons, there were enough areas to test SBB’s skills sets on installation and manufacturing.

With a super size 100,000mmm x 5000mmm pocket & bar system & printed ABR sheets, to 20,000mm x 12,000mm double sided lightbox floating above the building all hands on deck were required to ensure that we delivered with in the stringent health and safety requirements but as well as the timing plans that where bordering a week.
The final result speaks for itself completely.

 Skill Sets Utilized.

          We’re Skilled.