Our Services.

Site Surveys & Audits.

Let Us Have a Look

Any signage program must begin with a meticulous examination of the relevant site/s. By sending a dedicated team to explore each site and to gather all of the necessary data this enables SBB
to undertake the most comprehensive site surveys on offer in the industry covering initial brief to final installation.

Repairs & Maintenance.

We Can Fix It.

With the increased factors of weathering, general wear and tear, the inevitable outcome could either be replacement or repair and maintainance of infrastructure, we prefer maintainance and repair vs the costly replacement root where applicable.


We Keep On Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

As much as we encourage the usage of local suppliers in regions due to cost and accessibility there still remains the need for accurate national consistency. At this point is where SBB provides a National Roll-out The Advantages for you the client would be accuracy, precision & accountability across multiple sites nationally, auditable outcome and consistency of the campaign or brand.

Campaign Executions.

Outstanding Executions

This service offers our clients, strict budget controls with consistent outcomes of campaign management, SBB manages monthly, bi–monthly and quarterly campaigns or brand changeovers, be that for retail, media or internal communications, product or price launches.

Installation & Application.

We Install It All.

Consultation, delivery and installation are overseen by our owner management philosophy through dynamic, experienced & skilled teams, which also monitors suppliers deliverables. We are equipt with knowledge on materials, hardware & consumables for every possible senario. Resulting in multi skilled teams capable of accurate & accountable intallations & applications.

Wall/Surface Prep & Painting

Prepare to be Painted

Perfect execution of wallpaper & self adhesive wall products require perfect surfaces. We at SBB offer our clients the service of repairing, maintaining, prepairing and painting walls and surfaces to eliminate any future problems arising from damp or any other cause which would affect the branding installed, thus enabling us to deliver on our mandate and quality promise.