Service Overview.

          Always Striving for Excellence

Any signage program must begin with a meticulous examination of the relevant site/s. By sending a dedicated team to explore each site and to gather all of the necessary data this enables SBB to undertake the most comprehensive site surveys on offer in the industry covering initial brief to final installation.

 Project Management.

          Managing Your Expectations

In order for a site audit to be successful, management thereof starts with product knowledge & project experience of the whole process from start to finish. This needs to be carried out with complete precision & accuracy. We offer the service of project managing site audits & surveys of multiple locations with variable data with reporting on line, via our app as well as digital open file templates for creative placement. This results in SBB’s audit document becoming the foundation to successful multifloor buildings, from commercial to informal.

 Reporting & Cost Control.

          Reporting to Minimize Unnecessary Costs

As the famous saying goes “knowledge is key”. Capturing all the right information becomes fruitless & rather insignificent without being able to specify material options and finishes. Our offerings of live digital reporting & scheduling via our app & website are both extreamly fast & reliable, providing traceable & actionalbe information live from pre-audit planning to post audit. In turn saving you unforseen expenses & time.

 Why Choose Us.

Accurate & accountable site audits.

We pride ourselves in being able to deliver a fully comprehensie site audit, complied with images indicating branding area, technical & to scale templates finished off with a full break down & specifications of materials, surface & safety furnishing client with  kit of parts for work to be carried out. Giving you all the information as well as a full scope view of the entire job & process, all off an editable document.